Along with heritage and cultural activities with roots in the Indian sub continent, Calcutta Club USA members, being responsible and capable citizens, take a deep interest in the welfare of the community we live in. The club members are themselves part of a number of charitable organizations and donate time and funds generously towards multiple social causes.


Calcutta Club USA partners with several registered non-profit, 501(c)(3) organizations, helping to fund-raise and enhance visibility of their causes. Some of these organizations and our affiliation with them is listed below:


(a) The Boston Pledge, which aims to promote grass roots enterprise and job creation in developing regions, from Dorchester to India to Azerbaijan. During the Calcutta Club Book Fair event in April, 2016, some authors donated all sales of their books towards helping the causes of The Boston Pledge. 

(b) Sabitri, whose mission is to educate physically and mentally challenged children in Kolkata, India. Club founders visited Sabitri in 2016 and planned several ways of collaborating together long term to help the Sabitri children.

(c) Acton Boxboro High School ASHA team - The club performed an art auction at CuisinArt 2017 on Feb 28, at which several artists donated their live art for helping ASHA. The proceeds of the auction were sent through AB ASHA to the Prerna Girls School in Lucknow to support 8 girls with one year of education.

(d) Art Divine - This Florida based non profit seeks to showcase the artistic and cultural richness of India in the west. They are a regular partner of Calcutta Club USA, which has a similar mission.


There will be more such initiatives launched within the club in the months ahead that directly enable giving back to the society around Boston and other regions in the USA.