Membership in the Calcutta Club brings to you a set of amenities that are typical in similar prestigious institutions of Kolkata:


  • Access to club's monthly meetups (12 per year) including public events
  • Network with talented professionals and thought leaders of the Calcutta community in Greater Boston and beyond

  • Complimentary authentic Kolkata food (high tea) in most meetups.

  • Participation in club’s sporting and recreational events, such as water and boating activities - complimentary or discounted.

  • Designing an innovative idea and recruiting talent within the club to make it successful !
  • Relaxed indoor activities including games, public speaking, Indian magazine reading, yoga and "adda".

  • Structured Western dance lessons and socials with instructor on occasions.

  • Stimulating events like Debates, Quiz Contests, Reputed Guest Speakers from India and elsewhere.

  • Discounts to certain Calcutta Club events such as Indian movies in theaters.
  • Organization of novel club events - Calcutta Club Book Fair, Caleidoscope Film Festival and Cuisinier Culinary Contest

  • Volunteering and philanthropic opportunities with the club as well as other Kolkata/Bengal focused initiatives.

  • A warm, hangout place with fun loving, like minded individuals - where everybody knows your name.


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Please be sure to read the  terms and conditions of The Calcutta Club membership.